Your Beautiful Self Sessions {Teen Photography~Rockport, Texas area}

Your Beautiful Self

A few months ago I had the blessing of working with several amazing young ladies.  My goal was  to have fun and capture each young lady’s natural beauty. Mission accomplished! In today’s society, I feel it is more important than ever for our girls to know that beauty should not be defined by movie stars and magazine covers. Beauty radiates from within and shines out. Each and every girl possess a beauty all her own. I enjoyed getting to know each of these girls a little bit better and capturing not just their images, but there own beautiful selves.  I know each of these girls is getting ready for an exciting and unique journey.  Each one is going to make a difference in whatever area she chooses.
I am excited to introduce the sessions I captured in my next few blogposts and I am also excited to open these sessions up for booking. If you would like to book a ~Your Beautiful Self session~ I would love to hear from you. My target group is tween girls through young adult ladies. You may contact me at or by calling me at 361-444-3404.


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