Baby H

There is nothing like a newborn baby.   So soft, so sweet, so amazing. I had the privilege of taking photos of Baby H. when he was only 13 days old. (By the way, this was my very first time to take photos of a newborn besides my own, of course).


My thoughts 'on becoming'….

Welcome to my new blog. I  have written this first entry two other times and just a minute ago, I actually deleted what I had last written on January 4 of this year and started over. This is a blog that I have really wanted to do for a very long time. I have put it off time and time again. My main excuse has been that I just don’t have the time. However, I think the truth is that I have been intimidated.  I have been afraid of failing. If any of you follow Angie Smith’s blog, her entry entitled Canvas, spoke right to me. I have been staring at a blank canvas, so to speak, and letting thoughts of fear, intimidation and excuses cause me to be paralyzed. This blog has been like the blank canvas.  It was an idea birthed in my heart and one that I would find myself thinking about with such excitement.  I have put it off long enough.  Now if I may,  I would like to take a minute to explain my deep thoughts ‘on becoming’.

“The road to being is first in becoming.”-Tiffany H. Before we can be we must become. To be a wife or mother, one must first become a wife or mother. To be a friend we must first become someones friend. We can apply this to our spiritual life as well, to be Christlike, one must first become a Christian. I love the definitions of ‘become’ and ‘becoming’ as found in Webster’s. The word become as a verb: to come into being and also to be attractive on, befit in appearance; look well on. Then when we look at the word becoming as a noun: any process of change. How appropriate in light of my earlier thoughts. Now let’s take a quick look at a couple of verses in Scripture that talk about this.  John 3:30 is one of my favorite and so simply stated, “He must become greater; I must become less.”  (NIV) This speaks of process doesn’t it?  Another great one is found in John 1:12 “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who might believe in His name.” (KJV)

As I have thought about this blog and  its purpose, it will be two-fold.  First, I pray that it will be a source of hope and encouragement through written words.  Secondly, I have been fulfilling a a new-found passion for photography.  My mind sees so many things as potential photos.  God is providing more and more opportunities.  Besides just everyday photos of my own family and nature, I have taken pictures of a baby, siblings,  a graduate, and a bride.  These are all in the process of growth and change.  Therefore the other purpose for this blog is to post those photos.  I hope they will serve as reminders of happy times in your life.  Or even of hopes and dreams you may have for the future.  The canvas stands ready to be filled and I pray that you will be blessed as you take the journey of becoming who Jesus wants you to be.  I know I am ready.  Thank you for reading my thoughts ‘on becoming’.