In Love {Couple/Engagement Photography~San Antonio area}

“Love is composed of
a single soul
inhabiting two bodies.”
~Author Unknown~

Are you engaged or you already pro’s at this “love thing”?  Why not capture a few “couple” pics to hang in your office, or in your home!  Contact Tiffany Harris Photography to set up your


Senior 2017 {Senior Photography~San Antonio area}

If you are a Senior, graduating 2017, let Tiffany Harris Photography be your choice.  I am priced very reasonably, offer digital images and a discount when you order prints.  If you book  and complete your session in September or October, I will give you a $30 discount.  Contact Tiffany Harris Photography to talk details or book your


Childhood {Child Photography~San Antonio area}

Childhood.  You don’t quite treasure it until you are in full blown adulthood!  Children laughing, discovering, growing.  And don’t they grow up fast.  Capture the essence and heart of the moment before it slips away.  I’d love to schedule a simple, candid photo session of your little cutie.  Contact me at to book your appointment.  They are little only once.