Young Love {Couple Photography~Rockport, Texas area}

Oh to be young and in love! This is  Mr “L” and Miss “S” who met their Freshman year in high school and they both just graduated this year! They are so cute together and  each time I asked them to look at each other they would start laughing. We did capture some sweet moments and I really enjoyed being able to follow up with a second photo shoot to include their knock-out looks for prom and then cap and gown.  Congrats to the two of you!!


Summer Evening at the Park {Family/Child Photography~Rockport, Texas area}

There is nothing quite like taking a walk in a lovely park on a beautiful summer evening.  We are blessed to have such a place right here in Rockport, Texas.  Our park provided the perfect backdrop for this family of three recently.  We walked around and found some neat little spots and got lots of smiles (with a little bit of work).  All in all we had a great session.

The “B” Family {Family/Child Photography~Rockport, Texas area}

I enjoyed meeting and working with this sweet young family.  They received a gift certificate for Christmas and used it a few weeks ago.  (Yes I do gift certificates!) There is a small park here in town that I have wanted to use many times, however the wind is usually just too bad.  We planned our day and time and I decided this was the session to use the park.  It was perfect.  The area is so beautiful and then add the beautiful family!  Meeting sweet little J and seeing the way his parents absolutely adore him and the way he absolutely loves them-these are priceless moments and memories.

An Evening at the Beach {Family Photography~Rockport, Texas area}

I enjoyed my third beach shoot of the summer photographing a family vacationing in Port Aransas.  I love capturing fun, happy times for people.  The light, the breeze, the beach, and the family made this session so easy!  I love that I live in an area as beautiful and wonderful as this! And I am so glad people love visiting such an amazing place and capturing their memories.