Senior Session~Senior Photography {Rockport, Texas area}

As a photographer I know to keep a close eye on the weather.  Especially if your client is driving in from an hour away!  I saw the wind warning for our otherwise gentle breezes Rockport, Texas, however I figured it would pass.  The family of the senior (who also happen to be some of my best friends) contacted me a bit worried and I assured them it would all be okay.  As we drove to our first location and Mr K battled with his cap and gown I knew right then I was on my most challenging weather related shoot to date!   But we did it.  Mr K came across a bit serious but he did everything I told him to and seemed to enjoy the evening despite the hurricane force winds.  This is a great young man with a bright future ahead of him.  Thank you Mr K for a great photo shoot despite the wind.


There is still time to have your Senior Portraits done.  Please contact me to book an appointment at 361-444-3404 or at  Thank you.


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