Senior Portraits~Senior Photography {Rockport, Texas area}

Senior Portraits are really some of my favorite to take.  It is so much fun to  capture a young adult at this special time in his or her life.  I work hard  to create a unique experience for each senior I photograph.  I take into consideration interests, style, favorites….to name a few.  As I work on an entire session from beginning to end, I cannot help but think of the parents who have poured into these kids and now they are about to embark on the next great adventure.  The feelings of pride a parent has, and also the  concern about if t they have prepared them enough.  My hope is that each photograph from a senior session will truly represent the personality of the senior in such a way that it stirs good memories of days gone by and the promise for all that lies ahead.

This Senior was so comfortable in front of the camera.  I have had the privilege of knowing his family for a few years and they have done a great job raising great kids. He made my job super easy and super hard.  He did so good posing that it was hard to select the best of the best.  Thanks Mr E for a great senior session.

Book now to insure your session is complete before graduation.  To check out pricing just click here $$.  To book a session you may e-mail me at tharris, find me on facebook at or call me at 361-444-3404.

I look forward to working with you.


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