Beginnings {San Antonio Area Photography~Family, Children, Senior}

Oh the promise that a new beginning holds. The hope, anticipation, excitement. The very act of marking off the last day of the last month of the last year from the calendar and seeing the new year in all of its beautiful potential. It is a gift. One to be treated carefully, but also to be used completely.

THP is in a new place. Literally. Adventure and discovery await as I journey out in this new city and meet the wonderful people that also call this place home. There are stories yet to be told and I like hearing  people’e stories. The happy ones. The hard ones. And all the stories in between.



If you are interested in booking an appointment, please email me at Here is the link to my Session Pricing.  I am offering a limited time special of $50 off sessions booked now through July 15th.

Excited for the adventure that lies ahead,



A Very Personal Project {Full Time Ministry Family Photography~San Antonio, Texas area}

The Harris 5 have officially relocated to San Antonio.  To read a bit more about that, you can click here for my last post.   It has definitely been an adventure.  I am thankful I have a God that is faithful and dependable.  Since we knew change was coming I began thinking and praying about what direction I wanted to go with my photography business. I had an idea.  Adam and I have been in ministry (counting the time before we knew each other and before we were married) for over 20 years each.  The idea I have is to provide lasting memories for families in full time ministry at a very affordable rate.  Preserving special moments in time is so important and I want to make it possible for families who give so much of themselves to have this luxury.   If you or someone you know is in full-time ministry and lives in the San Antonio area, please contact me for more information at I would like to speak with you, get to know your story and capture memories.