Mr “D” {Teen Photography~Rockport, Texas area}

Today on my blog I am featuring Mr “D”.  Rain was in the forecast, the winds had picked up and I was ready to reschedule but decided that we would go forward as planned.  That was a good decision.  Mr “D” rocked his session.  I am glad I am not a teenager in this day and age, but working with the teens I have over the past few weeks, I see wonderful people who are all going somewhere great!  And now for Mr “D’s” session.

What one word would you use to describe your junior high experience?


What is your favorite subject?


What activities/clubs are you involved in?

I am a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I play football and basketball for the school and baseball for RF Little League.

Mr "D" {Teen Photography~Rockport, Texas area}

What is one of your favorite memories of being in junior high?

Getting to play school sports. I have tons of good memories from the football field and basketball court.

What two things will you miss most about junior high?

Some of my teachers and Ms. Williams.


Mr "D" {Teen Photography~Rockport, Texas area}

What are you looking forward to in high school?

Being able to continue to play sports.

If you could give a word of advice to an incoming junior higher what would it be?

Be involved in extra curricular activities.

If you could tell your sixth grade self something now that you wished  you knew then what would it be?

The time is going to fly by so enjoy it.

Mr "D" {Teen Photography~Rockport, Texas area}

If you could change one thing about junior high what would it be?

The dress code.

Anything fun you are planning to do this summer?

Play baseball, hangout with my friends and go camping at the river.

Mr "D" {Teen Photography~Rockport, Texas area}

And if you could tell yourself senior self something what would it be?

All of your hard work is finally paying off.

Mr "D" {Teen Photography~Rockport, Texas area}

Thanks again Mr “D” for a great photo shoot and I wish you the best in your new adventures!

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