It’s A Girl {Maternity/Family/Child Photography~Rockport, Texas area}

Pregnancy!  Aww, those wonderful nine months where you can basically eat anything you want and people love to help you out.  New life is growing and it is just such a beautiful and sweet time.  I know as women we may not feel beautiful while we are pregnant but I think it is absolutely a beautiful time.  I am very thankful that when I was pregnant with our third (and last) child I had maternity portraits taken.  When “J” contacted me about a maternity session I was very excited.  Her two boys are both so cute and now she is expecting a girl.  What fun.  The boys both cooperated so well and “J” is a glowing moma-to-be.  We find a nice sheltered area despite the blustery conditions in Rockport, Texas that day.  Here is a sneak peek form the “S” Family Session.

It's A Girl {Maternity/Child/Family Photography~Rockport, Texas area}

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