Cute as a…chair and a…..fence!~Rockport, Tx Product Photographer

Product Photogrpher~Rockport, Tx


We knew this was something special the minute we walked in the door.  My girls and I fell head over heals as we explored every nook and cranny of the tiny little store. Return visits were never disappointing and yielded something new each time. Antiques, knick-knacks and beautiful hand painted chairs, beds, tables, and desks.  Recently I had the privilege of photographing a few treasures from Yard sale Inc.. The store is full of a variety of amazing finds and it was difficult to select only a few.   The owner, Michelle, takes great pride in creating these one-of-a-kind masterpieces. She transforms the ordinary into something absolutely beautiful. If you would like to see for yourself it is  Yard Sale Inc., located off of Hwy 35 and 3036 (next to Jimmy Woods Produce).


Product Photographer~Rockport, Tx

One thought on “Cute as a…chair and a…..fence!~Rockport, Tx Product Photographer

  1. I, like you, fell in love with this store when I first went in this past November and walked out with 5 items. So I was very upset when I went by yesterday 1/6/11, and it was gone! I’ve tried doing an online search to find a phone number to see if she just changed locations, but your blog is the only reference I’ve found. I’m hoping you might know? It was such a special little store and I was really looking forward to purchasing more of her wonder furniture. So sad if she’s closed permanently. 😦

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