The Last of The First~Rockport, TX Kids Photographer

Today was the day my husband and I took our last child to his first day of school!  How emotional. He did great and so did I until the car door closed.  How did this day get here so fast?  I still don’t have the answer to that question, but I am pondering it.  Once Adam left for work, the silence was overwhelming and the emotions stronger.  I went into each child’s bedroom and prayed over them-again!  I am the mother of a newish teenager, a fifth grader and a kindergartener-I am beginning a new season in my journey as a mom.  I welcome it and I feel the weight of it also.  In contemplating my youngest going to school it didn’t take long for regrets and guilt to set in for all the things I wish I had done only to be snapped back into reality that “those” years are gone. But a still quiet voice so gentle and tender began to remind me of some of the good things and sweet moments I’ve shared with all of my children . And I am also reminded that they are all attending school with Jesus living inside of them!  They have parents and grandparents who love them and believe in them and pray for them. They live in a free country thanks to men and women who have and are fighting for that privilege daily.  They will be light in a dark world.  They will make a difference.  Just like Moses mother sent him down a river in a basket into the unknown-she trusted in God and He came through.  I trust in the Lord today that He sets a hedge of protection around my children’s hearts and minds.  He is always with them and in that I rejoice, yes with tears of mixed emotions-but I do rejoice!

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